Amazon EC2 and surprises

I’ve been running this blog on the micro instance of amazon EC2 for a few months now and I’m still trying my best to optimize it. The first month wasn’t so bad; I moved all the content, reattached the databases and redirected the domain name. I was in for about 7€ that month. The second month was more but I assumed a private instance should cost about 20€. There were a ton of problems. MySQL and apache were being stopped due to not enough memory or not enough swap. And sometimes the site would be completely unresponsive. This month, now that the site is getting more traffic, the bill was $30. Almost twice what I expected to pay for micro instance.

I’ve converted this server to a reserve instance. It should have been more clear when I signed up that this would be a smarter option I’d it was going to be running 24-7. But c’est la vie.