An iPhone application I’m liking a lot

Recently, I downloaded the iPhone application Zumocast after hearing a recommendation from Leo Laporte on the podcast MacBreak Weekly. I installed the server at on my Mediacenter PC and my Mac. In no time at all I was listening to music over my network, watching videos and browsing through photos. This is an application that shines.
In addition to watching videos, viewing photos, and listening to music you can also view some of your files. Because the iOS includes the foundations of the MacOS there are some files that can be read natively like txt, pdf, doc, rtf. I haven’t gone through all of them. Because reading all of that on such a small screen is futile. But it is nice the capability is there.
One of my favorite features is the ability to encode and download videos to your iOS device. I’ve already done one, the documentary “Gasland”. I have queued up a few episodes of the third season of the Boondocks and eventually I’ll see if it can also download songs and integrate them into the iTunes library. Something I’ve wanted to do but not able to try because the Mac was off.
So if you are like me and have lots of media and a few iPods, iPhones, and other devices around the house give Zumocast a try.