Corporate Inanity

This is going to be short because well I don’t do long rants. But my ISP, SFR, is a steaming pile of shit. We’ve been using them for almost 7 years, and even longer if you count that the company they bought, Neuf, bought AOL France. They’ve been shedding customers left and right (up to 4 million/year) and now I can see why.

So a few weeks ago we received an SMS saying the bill hasn’t been paid. Not too strange, we normally wait until the last minute because we have 2 mobiles and internet with them, easier to pay them when all the bills arrive rather than one this week and another 2-3 weeks later. So bill paid, done. The next day the phone doesn’t work. Call support and the rep says he’ll take care of it, gives us credits, and it should be sorted in a few days. 10 days later the phone is still not sorted, but we weren’t using it and simply forgot about it. 3 days ago the internet was turned off. Called SFR again and the reps were completely useless as they say the internet has been turned off because the bill wasn’t paid. But the bill was paid. “okay, it will take a few days, up to 72 hours. In the meantime you can go to the Agence SFR and get a 3G dongle until its turned on.” So the misses marches down to the agence and they can’t give it to here because we haven’t paid the bill. .

Apparently none of the reps can fix the situation. We’ve already accumulated over 6 months worth of credit with all the calling, complaining, and glad handling. We’ll use that free internet to close the account, find the nearest office to drop off their equipment, and search for a new ISP.

I’m still boggled it takes 72 hours to “turn on internet.” I can order a Macbook from Shanghai and it will be here in 24 hours, more or less. For some companies, the digital economy is a buzzword in their PR releases and not something they grasp all that well internally.