Friday night at Patrick’s Irish Bar

The other day I got an invitation from a member of Github hosting a party in the 11th at an Irish pub. Me being an introverted programmer means I don’t get out too often and thought this would be an interesting way to meet other programmers. And I was not disappointed.

The guys I met, and they were mostly guys, were very open to talking about industry, programming, and international politics. Topics ranged from the direction of mobile development, embedded development, and history of mobile development. When we weren’t talking about programming we covered areas such as international finance and being a quant. Occassionally someone would make fun of the Symfony attendees. Since they were familiar with each other and we were not it felt good to break the ice by going after the insiders.

All in all, a great night out with a great bunch of people. As a developer you rarely get to meet other developers except online and the occassional conference. The sharing of ideas is very rewarding and I hope to do it again.

PS: It also helps when someone else is paying for drinks, so a big thank you to Github.