Goodbye, Nexus 7

Back in October on a trip through London I picked up the Google tablet, the Asus Nexus 7 from the duty-free. I also had an iPad 2 and a Nook Color that was beginning to show its age. With my son, wife, and niece making extensive use of the iPad I was really looking forware to having another tablet around the house. And I wanted to check out and see if Android 4 was as good as everyone says it was. Well, I can say I was not disappointed.

ICS was an excellent OS but no one uses just the OS and once I got past the basics, gmail, Youtube, web browser I really needed more. And what I needed I couldn’t find on the app store and the equivalents were always a little lower in quality. There are a lot of free games in Play. Some of the paid apps in the iTunes App Store were free in the Play store. And it showed. Usually with ads along the top or bottom of the app and sometimes at the startup. Then one day I started getting charges to my credit card. I had enabled Google Wallet and assumed it would behave like any other online store and ask for a password, first. Luckily the receipts arrived quickly in my inbox and I was able to cancel the transactions. Then I deleted Google Wallet. But 5 year olds and Play store don’t mix. I realized I could enable a pin on the device but that would be like getting a credit card from the bank then calling them to set up the pin. Some things are just automatic for a reason.

After a while I started to use it less and everyone else started to use it less as well. It became routine to squabble over the iPad and reach for the Nexus 7 only as the runner up. The games that were being played the most simply weren’t on the Nexus, the educational apps I bought on the iPad had no equivalent on the Play store.

Then it hit me while I was on vacation. Talking to my cousin on why I prefer Apple over Google, and him knowing I was a geek so it should be the other way. I simply told him, “I’ve invested 10 years into Apple. I signed up for the iTunes store when it opened it 2003 (I should have bought some stock then, dammit).” The iPhones and iPads are the least of my concern, they are just the terminal. I’ve bought 1000s of music and a few dozen apps through that store. For me to switch would mean I’d have to do it all over again. And I haven’t found a strongly compelling to throw that money away. He quite liked my reasoned argument rather than the typical fanboy rant.

So one day while the Nexus was sitting on the banquet, completely discharged, I plugged it in and did a reset and wipe. An hour later I listed it on the local version of Craigslist, Le Bon Coin. A few days later I was 120€ richer. It took about 4 days before anyone else in the house even realised it was missing. My son finally asked about the motorcycle game he loved so much.

So, goodbye, Nexus 7. You will be missed, a little bit.