I’ll finally do it

I’ve been here for atleast 2 years. I’ve been in Paris for a little less than that. tomorrow I’ll be taking a trip home with my family to see my family. I’m that cousin that everyone sees every few years. Before Paris it was college. and before college I was busy preparing for college. While Costa Brava was fun nothing takes place of seeing grandma and mom. Mac will see his cousins and will know he has 2 grandmas, and a great-grandma. I’ll visit my friends, and see the places I used to hang out as an old Miami head. And I’ll see how my favorite city has changed since the last time I was there.
I’ll also be interested in how the housing market has changed. When I left, the price of property was eclipsing the salary of what people could afford. Before leaving I was looking but saw that there was nothing I could afford on the salary I was getting paid. I also learned that people were taking exotic loans to afford the McMansions they were buying. It’s funny, but Paris is even more expensive than Miami but the salaries are better and the price of property is more. But there is nothing like living in building built by true craftsmen of their time. From my window I stare out to another building (a pied-a-terre) that resembles mine, but the similarity stops there. The iron bars, balcony, and window decorations are all different. Some have faces of angels sculpted into the shelf that supports the balcony while others have flowers. My living room has a fireplace with an oval window above the fireplace. Created by an architect that used skillful ductwork to move the flue along. Between Miami, Paris, and New York there is quite nothing like any of them.