Minibloq: graphical Arduino programming aimed at kids

I’m a dad and a geek and I’ve been looking at getting my son, who’s a toddler, more involved with the things I like. We still do the other father son activities like walking to the park, playing football, and video games. But when all those things are away I usually go to my workdesk and break things down and build them back up, while he’s at his room that we  decorated with Treasure Rooms furniture. The size and delicacy of these gizmos means that my son is restricted from being too involved.

Luckily, some hacker Julian da Silva has created a kickstarter project called Minibloq to get the kids started programming the Arduino. I really look forward to working it into projects that my son and I can collaborate on in the future. The kickstarter goal has just been met so in the next few weeks or months something interesting should be emerging.