January 28, 2008

Fedora Core 8...A week later

The great thing about using Linux is it's free and the rules are really basic. The bad thing about Linux is it's free and getting support can be a bit of a nightmare. It's been a week since I successfully installed Fedora Core 8. After using a variety of help guides I can say that it truly rocks. Whether or not I can use it productively is another question. You see I'm a .Net developer. which means I'm closely bound to the Windows side of doing things. On my ancient and underpowered laptop getting Windows to run on VMWare can be a virtual nightmare. While it's great as a server the GUI is pretty sluggish. But since connectivity is the safe word I can get around that by RDPing into a real windows machine.

I am a pragmatic and polyglot so I did install the Java IDE and Netbeans. Now seems like the perfect time to learn Java programming and compare it to C#.

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